Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Weekly Law School Roundup...It's baaaaaaack!

I am happy to announce that after my post about how much I missed the Weekly Roundup, Evan at Notes From the (Legal) Underground emailed me and said he missed it too, and so we decided that together we will bring it back. Each Sunday we will alternate hosting it on one of our blogs, I will start it here on the first Sunday in January. The Roundup will be in relatively the same format as you're all used to, a few links with short decriptions that direct the reader towards a certain blog. I really hope that the Roundup will be as fun to put together as it always was to read, and I hope that readers will participate by sending fun and entertaining links to law student blogs my way...and if you have a blog, don't be afraid to toot your own horn once in awhile!

I'm very excited, and I hope it goes well and that you'll all enjoy it. As I said in my earlier post, I understand that Blawg Review is out there, but I think this fulfills a different niche and is more about directing readers to fun places than to writing big commentaries or discussions about a topic. And, it will be limited to just a few links, which we hope will keep it manageable both for us in creating it and for readers who just want to click through a few things rather than wade through tons and tons of links.

If this project is well received, I will likely be looking for a current 1L or 2L to take it over in June when I tuck that away for future reference as well. Thanks for all your comments, suggestions, and emails...keep 'em coming!

PS: For those of you who never had a chance to read the Roundup while Evan was still doing it, here's the link to his archive of Roundup posts so you can get a chance to see what it was all about.
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