Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's, like, whoa.

I'm still taking a writing class.  It's still not that satisfying.  First off, I'm not sure I want to write "fiction" per se.  Secondly, I know I don't want to be the next Agatha Christie or Ayn Rand, or...well, Jane Austen.  Or, whatever.  The point being, if I'm in a room with five people who all belong to Jane Austen book clubs, I'm in a room with five too many people (at least).  I am going to finish the last two weeks.  I am getting some good tips on organizing my writing and things like that, but the other people kind of freak me out.  Not one of them is going to write a book that I ever want to read.  Before you judge, let me just say...yes, I can tell just by looking. 
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