Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am on modified bed rest, so basically two or three days a week, I'm home from work. Sometimes I actually rest, but normally I end up doing all kinds of stuff (chores, baby preparation stuff, doctors appointments, etc). Today I was pre-ordering birth announcement envelopes (my, what a gripping life I do lead!), and watching some old documentary on women over 40 who give birth (probably about 10 years old). And, what to my wondering eye does appear??? My very own obstetrician!!! Very, very, very weird.

Anyway, does being on a documentary on TLC mean she's famous??? My baby will be delivered by someone who's famous!

For those of you keeping score, 2.5 weeks and counting. YIKES!

And, for everyone, thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers for my mom. She continues to recover in inpatient rehab and is doing very well considering the severity of her initial brain injury. We love her and she is doing great!
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