Saturday, April 04, 2009

Oh sciatica!

My back hurts. Well, not my back so much as my butt/hip/leg. It's awesome. Being pregnant is truly a beautiful and transformative experience. On Monday I'll be 6 months. You know what that means? There are still 4 long months left. Simultaneously too short and too long.

The Boy and I went to Babies R Us today to register. God help me. I literally almost passed out like four times. How can one tiny baby need so much crap??? Also, they give you a list of "must haves" that you should register for. How can it be a "must have" if I don't even know what it does?

Registering for baby stuff is a lot like registering for wedding stuff. I felt guilty registering for anything over $10.00, and manipulated by the store into registering for crap that I really don't need (or that people shouldn't have to buy for me). By the end, succumbing to low blood sugar and exhaustion, I just pointed the barcode gun at anything that didn't move and scanned it. I have no idea what we may get. The Boy spent most of his time wandering away and playing with the toys. Then I would force him back to my side, where he would faithfully stay for approximately 1.3 milliseconds until something else bright and shiny grabbed his attention.

In non-baby news, it's finally sunny here. We are going home to Mama and Daddy Spatula's for Easter next weekend, so I'm pretty much looking forward to that. I really miss them, especially my mom. I guess that is pregnancy related. Just goes to show you that I really CAN'T talk about anything else.

The Boy bought me this book - signed by the author - something I have been looking forward to for months. I'm going to read it next weekend. This weekend I'm cleaning out closets...because I'm exciting like that.

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