Thursday, October 23, 2008

Build a little birdhouse in your soul.

A bajillion years ago, when I actually used to write here more than once a month, we used to have this little meme we would do about "Things I'm Thinking About" and "Things I'm Not Thinking About". I can't remember the rest of it, I think it had stuff you were reading or watching or whatever. Anyway, my life was way more entertaining back then, but I will try a similar theme to update everyone.

Things I'm Thinking About:

Typing: My hand seems to be slowly coming back to life, which is nice. I cannot be bothered to be productive when my hand is numb. I'm forced to read The Superficial all day and contemplate my deep-seated existential angst. It's pretty much a full time job.

Babies: I think I might want to get one. Not in the "kidnapping" sense, but more in the "throw caution to the wind and have sex without birth control for the first time since I was 18" sense. I will be sure to let you all know how that turns out.

The Boy: He's wonderful. I looked at him the other night and said "This is the first time I've ever been married where I didn't want to kill myself after the third day." Awwwwwwww, I'm so romantic. That guy is so lucky!

Things I'm Not Thinking About:

The Election: OK, I am thinking about this a bit. Up here in the Northwest a lot of people have the Sarah Palin Alaska/Minnesota/Wisconsin/Canada accent. That always reminds me I hate her.

Work: Again, I am thinking about it. I need to be actually doing it, steps.

Things I'm Reading:

In Defense of Food. I like it, but it can be a bit preachy. I feel extra-guilty about my Diet Coke, so then I have to drink another one to make me feel better. Vicious cycle. Sometimes, I throw caution to the wind a gulp down a Butterfinger Blizzard to boot.

Things I'm Watching:

Pushing Daisies. LOVE IT! I love Emerson, Ned, Olive, Chuck and most especially Digby. Finally, a show not set in a damn hospital or on a desert island. Thank Jebus.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I wish I could talk about work, it's been exciting lately. But, alas, we bought a house in February, and I need the money. So, it would be inconvenient to get fired. You'll have to trust me that it's been a wild ride lately.
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