Friday, August 08, 2008


I can't even believe this John Edwards thing. OMG WTF. As the kids would say. I swear, when will these sanctimonious assholes stop lecturing everyone else about how to stay happily married and all that other BS when really they're out banging whatever adoring staffer comes along? I'm disgusted.

Let's see. What else is going on? Not much. The MS is acting up again. Numb left fingers, and numb legs from mid-thigh down. For all you people without multiple sclerosis (ie: probably everyone who reads this blog but me), "numb" is not the same as "paralyzed". It's more like wearing an oven mitt while trying to type. Your fingers are there, and you can feel them sense that they are still on your hand, you can move them, you can see them...the skin just feels like it's been liberally hosed down with novacaine. Which sounds fun, but isn't. So, anyway...I'm walking funny again. Sadly, no booze and no awesome story to go with the funny walk, unless you think brain herpes is funny. Which my husband totally does.

I am so excited my internet is back. I keep thinking of things to write about...and then when I didn't have the internet I would just come home and rant and rave until The Boy's eyes glazed over and then be passive aggressive for a week. Because I'm mature like that.

PS: The example labels that Google suggested for this post are "scooters, vacation, fall". Done.
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