Sunday, May 04, 2008

Stuff and things.

Today we registered for wedding gifts. It sounds fun, but really it's exhausting. By the time we were done I pretty much didn't want to get married anymore - even with the free gifts. We also had a hard time because we kept feeling guilty about how much everything costs...I mean, I don't want to ask people to buy me a $129 Calphalon sauce pan...but, somehow I overcame my fear and registered for a bunch of stuff that I will love and use all the time, but that is NOT cheap. It's weird to think about having grown up cooking implements. This is my third marriage and his second, and it's the first time either of us has registered for gifts. It was fun to point the scanner gun at things though. Click - it's mine! Click - it's mine! Very easy to get carried away.

We also bought wedding rings today. Tungsten steel for him (no, seriously), and two tiny diamond bands for me, one for each side of my engagement ring. Mine might not be ready by the wedding, but that's OK...we'll still have the piece of paper, the unending love and devotion, and a 10-piece set of Calphalon to show for it. Right?

That brings us to the wedding. June 13th. Friday, June 13th. Friday the 13th. Oh well. My mom was born on Friday the 13th and she's pretty cool, so I'm going to work with it. We're going to Vegas...a small elopement there and then a HUGE reception/party here in July. I think it works better that way. Then we can really enjoy the party without the wedding stress...we're doing a huge backyard barbeque. With a cupcake tower. I heart cupcakes!

Let's see...what else. I'm typing this on my beautiful sunny back patio, which is pretty cool. Other than that, we are just trying to keep up with wedding plans, honeymoon plans, working, taking care of the house (The Boy is drywalling the basement right now), and doing all those regular life things. Add in the MS, perpetually numb hands, and medication side effects, and it's pretty much a neverending party. WOO!

Oh yeah, I also bought an at-home chemical peel and gave it to myself today. Swear to God, the label says that if it's burning, it's working. No pain, no gain - I guess.
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