Saturday, November 18, 2006

Red eye

Not only am I taking a red-eye flight this week to spend Thanksgiving with M., I am currently suffering from a gigantic red eye, courtesy of (I think) a stye. I am using warm compresses to try to make it better, per the advice of WebMd, but so far it's just gross looking. On the upside, I'm meeting The Boy's mom for the first time tonight and I look totally diseased, so that's nice.

I am VERY excited about my trip to Florida next week to see M. I leave on Tuesday after work and come back Saturday night, and frankly I can use the break. I've been SO busy, I barely have time to think, and if I have to leave the state to get some time off, I'm willing to do it.

This week I had six, SIX, work events. Three lunch/afternoon things, and three evening things. Plus a law school friend was in town, so we had dinner on Friday as well. That means that on Friday I had three back to back events to go to. By the time I got done and go to The Boy's house last night I was totally exhausted. I took a shower and fell asleep. Poor guy, he didn't get so much as a "hello."

Let's see...what else is going on.....uh....not much. Fifty billion work events (ie: "marketing") per week, plus trying to meet my billables. Spending time with The Boy. Too tired and busy to do much else, like go to the gym, clean my house, or shop for groceries. I'm starting to definitely feel the pressure of my chosen field. I work with lots and lots of brand new associates, and a few partners, and I honestly think I work just as hard as an associate at any firm, plus I have to market a lot more than any of them do. Good thing I love my job, right?

So, in review, I leave for Florida on Tuesday, get back Saturday night, have three days of work, then leave for San Francisco the following Thursday through Sunday for a work event. I will try to post in between, and maybe I'll even get some pictures up of Florida.
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