Sunday, December 19, 2004

My mom...just as crazy as she ever was.

I got here in one piece, no thanks to the airline or the evil people sitting all around me. But, my mom made biscuits this morning (State Fair Blue Ribbon Winners!), Molly is running all around in her antlers (scroll down a few days for a pic), and the house is all decorated for Christmas. YAY!

So, my mom has been growing her hair out for a few months now with only one goal in mind...the french braid. Every time I come home she makes me french braid it, she is looking for a new hairstylist because hers doesn't know how to french braid, and basically all she can talk about is french braiding, french braid technique, methods of securing the french braid...etc. This morning, after biscuits, my mom said that she's been practicing french braiding and she's "getting pretty good at it" and then proceeded to french braid her hair right in front of me (ooooohhhh...magic!!!) before they left for church. And at this point, one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed in my life happened.

Mom: "Your dad is going to learn to french braid so he can do my hair."
Dad: *looks sheepish*
Mom: "Go get your board honey and show E. Spat."
Dad: *runs into back room and comes back with his "board"*
Mom: "See, the ropes are like hair and that way he can practice while he watches TV. But you need to teach him because I can't do it except on my own hair. Do it right now. Papa Spat WATCH HER...quit playing with the dog and watch E. Spat do a french braid so you can learn."
Dad: *rolls eyes...keeps playing with dog*
Mom: "Don't you roll your eyes, you SAID you were going to learn to french braid and then YOU came up with the idea for the board so you could practice. Didn't you? Tell E. Spat the board was your idea."
Dad: "Uhhh...ummm...yes dear."
Mom: "Show her how you practice on the board."
Dad: "I have to go take a shower for church."
Mom: "He made that board, I don't know why he won't admit it now."

Yeah, who knows why he wouldn't admit it?! Anyway, I *had* to tell this story, with pics, for all of you who believe that I exaggerate Mama Spatula's strange ways. Behold...the homemade teach-your-husband-to-french-braid learning board.

PS: Beefy is staying with my friend, LQ, you can check him out right here...she will be posting updates on his status occassionally and she has a sweet digital camera....look at my little baby, he's so cute!
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