Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The definitive hearsay movie event of the year!

OK folks...here it is! First, a little history.

My Evidence professor offered extra credit to anyone who did something creative within the realm of evidence...poems, stories, songs, movies, etc., the more creative, the more points. If you'll recall, I wrote a crappy poem. However, unlike me, there are actually talented people in my class, and this particular video was the standout extra credit project of the year. The maker of this fabulous piece of work is a 2L who was extremely nice to let me post this here after I totally contacted him blind, introduced myself on email, and told him about the blog and how great I thought his movie was. He's going the mysteriously anonymous route, so if you just have to tell him how awesome this movie is (aside from the comments which I assume he'll be checking), drop me an email and I will forward it along. Don't forget to turn the sound on...the song is the backbone of the whole experience!


The Hearsay Exception Movie.

An extra special thank you to AI for hosting the video at Blawg Co-op so we can all enjoy it.

P.S. When I clicked the link it took about 15-20 seconds for the video to come up...let me know if you have problems with it or whatever...I'm hoping that even if a lot of people want to look at it nothing bad will happen, but my technological expertise is (as we all know) totally nonexistent. It's about a 3min movie...so it's fairly short.

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