Sunday, July 23, 2006

Walking on the sun.

It's gonna be another hot one today folks. What can I say? I'm BEYOND THRILLED.

I have to go to the library so I can sweat my ass off for the next 8 or 9 hours. I still have to figure out what I need to take to the bar and pack and everything...we're supposed to bring a "bag lunch" both days - what the hell should I pack that will stay good as it sits in the (possibly not air conditioned) room for a few hours before I get a chance to eat it? Guess it's gonna be PB&J or something.

I am reaching my mental limit. I need this to be over, I feel like in the last three years all I've done is think about law school, prepare for law school, worry about law school...even in the summers I knew I had to come back and go through the whole process again. After this, aside from worrying about the results until mid-October, this will all be behind me. And it can't happen a moment too soon.
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